Thursday, July 8, 2010

Questions, Questions, whose got questions? We do (with answers of course!)

This week we are going to explore a few more questions about a little more sensitive subjects.  Many lesbians disagree about this topic, so it's only natural that straight people wouldn't understand it very well either.  Here we go....

Why do you "need" to be married?  Isn't it ok that I accept you two as a couple? 
RR - Why does anyone "need" anything?  Do people with the first name Jessica really "Need" to use the public bathroom?  What if the government and all humanity decided that all people with the name Jessica didn't "Need" to use those facilities publicly.  It was fine if Jessica's privately used the water closet, but not in public.  OOH no!  And to make sure that Jessica's didn't try to find a way to get around that little "need", there were laws put in place that specifically prevented Jessica's from utilizing that nice little convenience (so to speak).  Now, every other human being without the name Jessica could use the facilities as often and as much as they wanted.  There were even religious leaders who actively condemned people named Jessica and their use of the public restrooms. Perhaps even picketing facilities known to secretly allow people named Jessica in.  And these religious groups were even  pouring millions of dollars into supporting laws and initiatives in individual states, because "Jessicas' using public bathrooms are a stain on humanity and the whole reason all bad things happen to good people!"   Can I stop now?  Do you get the analogy?  It's plain ridiculous to separate out someone just because they are different.  Lesbians and gays and all of us don't "Need" to get married, but if we choose to, we should have the right just as much as any other person named Jessica has the right to use a public bathroom.

Why do you have to make such a BIG deal about being gay? 
RR - I always wonder, when someone asks me this question, what they are really asking?  Because, really, I'm a little confused about it.  That's like asking someone, "Why do you have to make such a BIG deal out of being straight?"  Because straight people really make a big deal about it.  Have you ever noticed that?  The guys invite their friends to come over for a beer and watch "football, racing, baseball, (insert sport here)."  and the women are forever sending invitations to this or that thing or party with all the "Girls", no boys allowed. and we'll trash talk, and look at hot guys all night!  Talk about making a big deal of your sexuality.  I can't remember the last party my girlfriend and I were invited to that said we were gonna talk trash about our friends and look at hot lesbians all night.  Well, ok, maybe the last Real L-Word party.....  And that last Soccer game was AWESOME!  So . . . there is my answer!  Because you straight people shouldn't have all the FUN!  We want to join into mainstream too and be just as backstabbing and conniving and superficial as you are!  Hey, did I say that in my outside voice?  'nuff said
 That's it for this week!  And remember folks, when I use the phrase "you straight people" it's a direct turn around to those individuals who use the phrase "you gay people".  As if we're all the same.  If you don't use it, it doesn't apply to you.  I don't wanna hear any whining! 

Don't forget to kiss your loved ones, they deserve it! sofn

Monday, June 28, 2010

More Questions

So here is another couple of questions I've gotten over the years.  These are pretty standard fare for gay people to have to answer.  I hope this helps so you as a straight person can get to the much more significant questions.  I'll blog about those in a later post, so don't go away....   Now, on to this week's questions - 

Why are gay people so sensitive to the phrase, "That's so Gay!"?

RR - Let's see.  How to answer this question.  To some people it's very obvious, but to others...  Ok, here is what I can draw, an analogy.  So, what if you were a religious person, say Lutheran, and people went around saying, "That's so Lutheran!" as if being Lutheran were a horribly disgusting thing to be.  I remember when I was younger, my mother didn't want us to stick our bottom lip out because she thought it made us look, well, African-American.  And that was a bad thing to her.  So she would say, "Don't be a 'N****".   I hate to admit this because my history is not without prejudice. Of course, I don't think any of us can say that we have been or will be without prejudice.  A person today would NEVER say something like that in public.  So do you understand the analogy?  It's not a nice thing to say.  Period.

What do you homosexuals "do" together?
RR - Alright, I HAVE to laugh at this one.  Really?  Do you ever ask a straight couple in a social setting, "Hey, what do you two "do" together?  I just don't understand it."  I have often thought of turning that question around just like that and asking the person, "The normal stuff for gay people, what do you straight people do?  I've never understood how that works."  Honestly, we are all adults and if you don't know how sex works by now, then no amount of explaining on my part will make that better.  And if you are too young to understand about sex, ask your parents.  I'm not a therapist.  'nuff said.

So, that's it for this week.  I hope everyone is enjoying their summer activities with their loved ones.  Don't forget to kiss your loved one today and every day.  They deserve it.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Today is Pride in Boise, ID

Gotta love that we have a Pride event.  If you are in Boise, ID, go check it out.  Visit the cool booths and walk in the parade. 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Let's get this thing started, shall we?

Rainbow Ruminations is something I set up because I noticed that there really isn't a lot of blogs about everyday life as an LGBT human.  Sure, there are many blogs about political injustices and social reforms.  We all know there are many things that need to change in our world and our lives.  But what about a blog that details how to get along in every day life as a gay or lesbian?  I didn't see one.  So, being the unemployed, looking for a job, housewife that I currently am, I thought, what the hay.  And for those of you who don't know that idiom, it's the same as "what the hell."  My grandmother used to say that, so don't be a grandma-hater.   Anyway, let's start this off by me answering some questions that I've heard around the gay unemployment office, e.g. - my house.  Some of these come from family, some from friends, but most from my imagination.

1.  Why does everyone always assume that because my (sister/brother/mother/father/cousin/etc/etc) is gay, I know everything there is about the subject?
RR answer:  Well, because we all know that if you are a doctor or a relative of a doctor, you know everything there is to know about every malady, problem, experience and how to fix it.  Deliberate sarcasm intended.   The point is, it's not just a problem with LGBT families.  Many people experience this kind of frustration.  I am the daughter of a First Southern Baptist preacher and people used to assume I could hear their confessions and know the bible inside out and backwards.  Uh, yeah, right.  One, I'm a lesbian and I was living in a world as unknown to me as you would be if you were trying to live in a fish tank with a giant octopus.  There are tons of suckers, a big beak thing, and noise is deceiving.  I know that's a reference most of you won't get.  It's ok.  I'm used to that.  Two, confessing is a Catholic thing.  Hello!  FSB's are NOT Catholic. 'nuff said.

2.  You must make tons of money, because you have two incomes and no children.  Being gay must be great.
RR answer:  I just want to laugh, cry, scream, howl, and generally shake the person until they get a clue. (not really, just figuratively, honest.)  Being gay (or homosexual if you prefer) doesn't automatically make you money, that is unless you're famous already.  Then you can come out and still continue to make tons of money.  I'm unemployed, just like millions of others.  My wife has the only income besides my unemployment, just like millions of others.  We live paycheck to paycheck, say it with me folks, just like millions of others.  Are you starting to see a pattern here?  We are just like millions of other Americans struggling with everything.  We have kids, we have mortgages, rent, bills, laughs, hugs, sorrow, bitterness and just about every other emotion millions of others have.  I'm not different in that way.  So don't assume just because we are gay, we are rich or poor or otherwise.  Just remember that we are just like millions of others.  What a concept. 'nuff said.

Ok, so there are a few questions answered.  Just a few notes from here.  I've been around a lot.  I've seen more things than I cared to in my life so far and I tried to learn as much from my mother and grandmother as I possibly could.  I've made more mistakes than a flunky of the spelling bee.  I've also made some pretty good decisions that have turned my life around.  I'm just like millions of others in this country and I've decided to cast my voice to stars.  Don't know how high it'll reach, but hey, at least I tried.  Don't forget to kiss your loved one.  They deserve it.
Signing off for now (sofn)